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Being reasonably decent human beings then, I am sure that in their hearts of hearts our anchors recognise their immense debt to Khan, who is absolute manna from Heaven for anybody making a living crusading against political incorrectness. In the same way, I am sure they are aware of their huge debt to Musharraf as well, who although they never tire of criticising him on air, as he was mainly responsible for their large incomes by allowing private television in the country.
Description of incorrectness and necessary work: It is necessary to replace the front right bearing point, powerful blocks of the rear on the front fork, clamps (L + D), the ends of the clamp (L + D), the balls (L + D), the rear plates, the steering wheel (oil is released), centering the trap, creating a brake force diagram and replacing the switch for lifting and lowering the ramp in the vehicle
The Tony Award-wining comedy musical, featuring the naughtiest puppets in town, is packed with mischief, bad behaviour and political incorrectness.
But even so, the general paranoia and guilt of the two main characters as they vigilantly guard against anything resembling racism, misogyny, or political incorrectness, even in themselves, is both amusing and heartwarming.
WE HAVE become accustomed to Boris Johnson's political incorrectness, and his latest tirade on wearing the burka came as no shock, but I was surprised and somewhat disappointed to read Rowan Atkinson's views displayed in the "They Said What?" section of the Western Mail (August 9).
Patently it does not require platonic wisdom or educational expertise to prove incorrectness of declaration for even a common man.
In the same vein, the Fil-foreigners must continue to calmly orient the league and its fans on how and why racism and political incorrectness can be hurting and painful.
Violence, incontinence and the kind of casual sexism that would shame the incoming US president ensue, making this a movie for those who like their political incorrectness well done.
When Terry Zwigoff's "Bad Santa" blundered its way through so many trip wires of polite discourse back in 2003, its commitment to extreme foulness and political incorrectness had an undeniably bracing effect, especially considering it hit theaters within weeks of the likes of "Love Actually" and "Cheaper by the Dozen." Thirteen years later, we have a sequel, and even if director Mark Waters had managed to strike the same delicate balance with "Bad Santa 2" as his predecessor, it's hard to imagine a worse time for a film whose entire raison d'etre is the willful violation of cultural norms and good taste, than a period of history where the same things are occurring at the highest levels of government.
I thought the country's Klown (2010) was the last word on political incorrectness but somehow this horror-satire goes several steps further.
According to an official Wednesday statement, the case was terminated due to the "incorrectness of Malak's corruption claims".