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Penelope is a darling girl whose immense knowledge helps to explain many new facts, and her large heart shows during her care of the incorrigible children, whose wolf-like ways will amuse anyone.
Starring the most amazing actress Hollywood has ever produced -- the incorrigible, impossible, irrepressible Meryl Streep singing her lungs out to an aging Pierce Borsnan, ABBA's great hit "The Winner takes it All" on the steps of a Grecian hill and laterno, I won't tell you the ending.
Even his ex-fiancee Emily is an incorrigible recreational drug abuser.
Still, playing Schmidt, who even now at age 88 remains an incorrigible chain-smoker who obstinately ignores no-smoking signs and puffs away even in television interviews, was a great honor and worth the sacrifice.
Clinicians, educators, mentors, and youth professionals are presented with research-based strategies that will help improve their relationships with youth, including those who have been ignored, discarded, and branded as incorrigible.
SOUTH AFRICAN rugby will be nothing short of incorrigible this afternoon as the ritual backslapping and congratulating will continue at Vodacom Park where the LIONS and Cheetahs do battle in the Currie Cup final in full view of the Webb Ellis Trophy, writes Geoffrey Riddle.
Aritha van Herk, Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta (Toronto: Penguin Canada 2001)
Killion's key to training success with independent or seemingly incorrigible dogs is to figure out what they find rewarding and then use those rewards to establish and maintain the behavior desired.
These are America's throw-away children--predominantly boys--consigned by families or courts to facilities that purport to offer alternatives to "straighten out" kids who seem to be in a downward spiral, from first-time offenders to incorrigible truants.
PITTSFIELD, Maine - Jenny the donkey remains on the lam but her owners may be closer to corralling the incorrigible critter.
He's brash, outspoken and an incorrigible flirt, all of which goes down a storm with audiences.
Brownback has been one of the most incorrigible, arrogant, obdurate, and aggressive opponents of sensible immigration reform ever since he first set foot inside the Senate building.