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Later, he fenced off a small run in the pasture, where, from time to time, he took in a limited number of incorrigibles.
Don't believe him, Arthur," struck in the incorrigible East; "I just saw an old magpie go out of it.
Once, when just from college, and when Horrocks the butler brought him a letter without placing it previously on a tray, he gave that domestic a look, and administered to him a speech so cutting, that Horrocks ever after trembled before him; the whole household bowed to him: Lady Crawley's curl-papers came off earlier when he was at home: Sir Pitt's muddy gaiters disappeared; and if that incorrigible old man still adhered to other old habits, he never fuddled himself with rum-and-water in his son's presence, and only talked to his servants in a very reserved and polite manner; and those persons remarked that Sir Pitt never swore at Lady Crawley while his son was in the room.
You're incorrigible," said Stremov, not looking at her, and he spoke again to Anna.
A slight fracas between two young gentlemen occurring last night within a hundred miles of these peaceful walls (Miss Ferdinand, being apparently incorrigible, will have the kindness to write out this evening, in the original language, the first four fables of our vivacious neighbour, Monsieur La Fontaine) had been very grossly exaggerated by Rumour's voice.
It is the incorrigible vanity of the man which will not be denied.
That incorrigible tendency to escape from the grip of the situation was fraught with serious danger.
Finding her quite incorrigible in this respect, Emma suffered her to depart; but not before she had confided to her that important and never-sufficiently-to-be-taken- care-of answer, and endowed her moreover with a pretty little bracelet as a keepsake.
Giles's Church, London, under the direction of a drunken cripple, who was a convicted thief, and an incorrigible vagrant.
Under this impression, he secretly resolved to cultivate the good opinion of the old gentleman as quickly as possible; and, if he found the Dodger incorrigible, as he more than half suspected he should, to decline the honour of his farther acquaintance.
Even so, I gasped when I saw him being described in a national newspaper as "an unrepentant and seemingly incorrigible multiple offender".
The reason for writing it, besides the fact that I am an incorrigible storyteller and I can't help myself from spinning a yarn, is that it completes what I always intended to be a four-book series," Webber told the Record.