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Almost in the same breath, a strain of gallantry which was incorrigible in him, and to which his humor and his tenderness to women whom he liked gave variety and charm, would supervene upon his seriousness with a rapidity which her far less flexible temperament could not follow.
"You are quite incorrigible, Harry; but I don't mind.
In the sequel to The Mysterious Howling, we find the Incorrigibles much more like children than wolf cubs, thanks to their governess, Miss Penelope.
The bench said that the high court "really needs some house cleaning" and urged the chief justice of the high court to initiate strong measures, including recommending "transfers of the incorrigibles".
Seven chapters cover the juvenile court system in the United States; the Supreme Court's constitutional domestication of the juvenile court; right to counsel in juvenile court; juvenile delinquency proceedings; constitutional restraints on practices in juvenile correctional facilities; status offenders (incorrigibles, ungovernables, waywards, truants, miscreants, and youth in need of supervision); and waiver and blended, determinate, and extended jurisdiction sentencing.
But it is just as much in the interest of public safety to rehabilitate those who can be redeemed as it is to keep incorrigibles behind bars.
For those incorrigibles who pay their taxes late, the Internal Revenue Service issued updated guidance on how to do so properly.