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Co-edited by one of MacNeice's most prolific, insightful, and enthusiastic academic boosters, Incorrigibly Plural is a product of the celebration of the poet's centenary in 2007.
But the witty whimsy and colourful felicity that have always characterized her style still bubble up incorrigibly.
We are seen by the majority on the mainland as incorrigibly semi-detached.
Some reviewers' remarks reveal how incorrigibly obstinate our political and corporate leaders can be.
Perceiving this as neo-imperial Western arrogance, some thinkers in formerly colonized countries of the global south, as well as Western academics of a postmodernist bent, reject human rights norms as incorrigibly Western in the name of respect for diverse cultures (see Mamdani, 2009).
I reckon that it's only since I learned to drive four years ago that I became incorrigibly judgmental.
In this case, for instance, Danuta Ryzewski, an incorrigibly mischievous child, contrasts with her steady, sensible older sister Wanda while both strive to survive in a hostile Soviet Union before responding wholeheartedly to the British Empire's welcoming paternalism, which restored them to health while offering an education and Girl Guide activities which they seem rather to have enjoyed, not that their attachment to their native Polish traditions was weakened in any way.
The Bible is full of intriguing characters, ranging from the pristinely righteous to the incorrigibly wicked and including every shade of gray in between.
Granted that it is not a crime to stay in an upbeat mood and to be incorrigibly optimistic, but in such a state the only problem remains that you often cannot even see the face of your mugger and hence cannot even pursue a legal course of action that you are entitled to.
What really needs to be faced today is the conservatism of most Panofskyists: the fact is, their man got quite stuck in the decoding of (dirty word for iconophiles and modernists alike) 'pictures', and indeed still draws an incorrigibly literary clientele, tone-deaf to visual form.
In November 1609 the young Henri de Bourbon, Prince of Conde, fled to Brussels with his bride, Charlotte, a beautiful girl of 15, after whom the incorrigibly lecherous French king had been lusting.
This wider sphere, however, is gloriously and incorrigibly multifarious, and so like feminist pedagogy, the success of feminist praxis at the institutional level depends upon a synergistic community.