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Far from her did the light of the Godhead shine on the life of man through the birth, and preserved incorrupt the kindled bush, because the flower of the virginity was not made to wither by the childbirth".
The Feng-su t'ung-yi equally abhors the progressive displacement of duty to parents in the definition of hsiao, as shown in the entry on Yuan Hung, who wins the title, "filial and incorrupt," despite his adamant refusal to meet his only living parent face-to-face.
The intelligible soul unites with the body while maintaining its own simplicity and purity, just as, although in a much more radical way, the Word intimately unites with man while remaining totally distinct, unaltered and incorrupt in that union" (p.
Responding to this necessity, Aquinas argued that the Holy Ghost rather than "the impurity of lust" drew only Mary's "purest blood" into her womb (rather than concupiscent female seed, as in a normal conception), and formed Jesus from that incorrupt matter.
In 1950, twelve years after his death, his body was exhumed and found incorrupt.
He clarified that the Prime Minister will "propose a number of candidates to the parliament and the selection is upon standard criteria of who is more efficient and incorrupt.
To remain good, a state must 'above every other thing keep the ceremonies of their religion incorrupt and keep them always in their veneration, because one can have no greater indicator of the wreck of a land than to see the divine cult scorned.
11, when the incorrupt relic of the 19th-century French priest noted for parish ministry was to be taken to Boston.
The Born Jesus Church in Goa, where Xavier's incorrupt body lies, is the most visited Christian shrine in all of Asia.
For what children lack in sophistication, they make up with incorrupt hearts.
It is the Spirit who signals the authenticity of a dogma through its willing reception by the people; it is the same Spirit who helps the episcopate to preserve incorrupt the memory of the gospel teaching.
I also showed him pictures of Our Lady's appearance in Zeitoun, Egypt, the incorrupt corpse of St.