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The longest incorrupt body belongs to Saint Silvan of the fourth century.
19) Georges (381, 368); the second quotation is followed by examples of definitely negative reactions to the discoveries of corpses incorrupt centuries after death.
He is buried and elevated to reside inside the church and he is found to be incorrupt and fully healed, showing his sanctity through anatomical reformation.
Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, is seen by many as an incorrupt and efficient leader.
Anthony is supposed to have attracted crowds by his extraordinary preaching talent and his tongue remains incorrupt in a reliquary even today for public worship in his basilica at Padua.
Baghdad (NINA) - Leader of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jafari, stressed the necessity for active participation in the upcoming election to replace the persons who did not achieved a thing with qualified and incorrupt ones who put the interest of the country and the public above all other things.
Zimmerman argues that bestiary preoccupation with the corruption and detritus of animal digestion and reproduction works as a "horrific counterfoil" to the conundrum of Mary's wholly incorrupt, yet fully maternal body.
The fiftieth and last chapter of Werfel's Song celebrates the second coming of Bernadette, whose incorrupt body has been exhumed as part of the process of her canonization, completed in Rome on December 8, 1933, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.
It is said that he reemerged briefly in 940 before entering the Greater Occulation and will not return until the Day of Judgement to usher in a worldwide incorrupt and just Islamic government.
KABUL (PAN): The Afghan Anti-Corruption Network (AACN) on Thursday urged President Hamid Karzai to avoid any internal and external pressure in introducing qualified and incorrupt candidates as his Cabinet picks to Parliament for a vote of confidence.
BR Online says of the film, "Belief in noble and Incorrupt research and science is reduced to absurdity.