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If the spots were truly irregularities on the sun's surface, then this was again damning evidence against the Aristotelian incorruptibility of the heavenly bodies.
I said above that the Thomist argument for the incorruptibility of the human soul takes a leap beyond this sort of general appreciation of the primordiality of consciousness and sees the possibility of the rational soul's actual detachment from matter, basing the argument on the impossibility of a one-to-one correlation between mind and brain.
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines integrity as, "A firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values; incorruptibility.
He propelled himself into the ranks of front- runners by a well- organised PR campaign stressing decisiveness, good governance and incorruptibility, but his real strength came from the fact that both the RSS and BJP soon realised that there was just one man who could enthuse the cadre and that was Modi.
Inspector Kari Vaara, of the National Bureau of Investigation, the protagonist in this series, in which this is the fourth entry, has a reputation as a "hero cop," having been shot more than once in the line of duty and decorated for bravery both times, and possessed of "annoying incorruptibility.
Nevertheless, building a reputation for incorruptibility does foster trust, and trust is fertile ground for opportunity.
Julian Johnson (27) eggo Eliot wanneer hy skryf: "The typical implications of wearing the brand of the classic are those of longevity, incorruptibility, or universal value.
Stories abound about his simplicity, incorruptibility and strict adherence to rules.
One attribute even Imran's political opponents agree on is his incorruptibility, by no means a universal trait among Pakistan's ruling class.
Since 1968, the People's Action Party (in Singapore) has won consecutive elections and held state power for a long time, while ensuring that the party's high efficiency, incorruptibility and vitality leads Singapore in attaining an economic leap forward," said the article by Song Xiongwei, a lecturer at the Chinese Academy of Governance.
The order is really about istiqama , incorruptibility," he said.
Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Tom Blenkinsop said: "The outcome of the hearing is a clear condemnation of the behaviour exercised by those in positions where trust and incorruptibility are of a paramount importance.