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He took Christ as his initiator and even considered that it was Christ who was worshipped by the Indigenous Indians and behind all the Peyote rite: "But at the bottom of Ciguri and in this Flaming Heart a Form in which I could not help recognizing Jesus Christ: the perception of the complete Unalterable, the entire Cross, incorruptibly spreads, at the Cardinal Points of all Satiety" (Peyote 78).
Romero, on the other hand, is confidently and incorruptibly bound to his marginal identity as a bullfighter who exists outside of the mainstream and regularly mediates the boundary between life and death; despite Montoya's fears, the time Romero spends with Brett does not change this.
Since all medieval law, at least as a juristic entity and not in specific detail, was deemed to originate from God, all justice was in theory--and should have been in practice--dispensed on behalf of God and as though by God, impartially and incorruptibly.