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While the legend on the Melville family's coat of arms is indeed tantalizing, still, as seems ever the caution, the tone Melville discerned in "Denique Coelum" lies hidden beneath the monumental stone of his own ambiguities, which, like that balancing rock beneath which Pierre placed his head, teetered between corruption and incorruption, fetor and attar, potatoes and roses.
120) Moreover, the emphasis upon the relics' incorruption again suggests that continuing vitality was connected to the congruence of flesh and bone.
He says that Christ's generation and birth from the Virgin are pure of passion and are characterized by incorruption ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Indeed it is paradoxical to find virginity in a Father who also has a Son and generates without passion, and virginity is comprehended together with the Only-begotten God, who is the chorus-leader of incorruption, since it shone forth with the purity and impassibility of his generation.
Instantly, it is raised, transfigured; the corruptible has put on incorruption.
Believe that he could, all the more, have begotten a true Son from his substance and could have one substance with his true Son, without any loss of spiritual incorruption and utterly removed from carnal corruption.
1995) ("If corruption attaches to all intercourse, and incorruption is characteristic of chastity, the rewards of chastity cannot belong to marriage.
Sin reversed this intention: "Original sinne hath induced this corruption and incineration upon us; If wee had not sinned in Adam, mortality had not put on immortality, (as the Apostle speakes) nor corruption had not put on incorruption [sic], but we had had our transmigration from this to the other world, without any mortality, any corruption at all" (Sermons 10:236).
In taking up our vulnerability and openness to suffering, Andrew argues, Jesus laid aside the immortality that was his by right as Son of God and entered the realm of the dead, "so that we might escape the bonds that awaited us there and might pass over to the realm of incorruption.
54) The final sticheron on the Lity links Mary to the lineage of David and boldly announces her contributions: "she is the restoration of Adam and the recalling of Eve, the fountain of incorruption and the release from corruption; through her we have been made godlike and delivered from death.
22) A final stage of human history will be that of eschatological judgment in which the Antichrist, who recapitulates in himself the history of sin will be thrown into the "lake of fire," (23) the wicked will be destroyed, and the just vindicated and "crowned with incorruption.
claims that Wis 2:23-24, "God created man for incorruptibility, and made him an image of its own proper being," sees incorruption or immortality as the point of resemblance between God and creatures and amounts to a denial of death.