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Apertural lip wide and flaring, but hardly incrassate.
Apertural lip holotype expanded and flaring, slightly reflected and somewhat incrassate.
Peristome entire, not strongly incrassate, higher than wide, PH:PW 1.
Peristome entire, incrassate, proportionally small, roundish in outline, about as high as wide or wider than high, PH: PW 0.
Tarsus I, distal tarsomere, size in relation to the other tarsomere(s), (0) similar; (1) incrassate (Maury & RoigAlsina 1985:figs.
First antennal segment cylindrical, without beading or apically incrassate (Fig.
Antenna about 2/3 as long as total body length; segment II cylindrical, not incrassate, a little longer than head width across eyes; segment IV longer than III.
The subfamily Meropachyinae Stal, restricted to the western hemisphere, is a relatively small group of Heteroptera characterized by having the distal end of hind tibiae ending beneath in a short projecting spine, the hind femur curved and usually strongly incrassate, and the hind coxae widely separated.
Antenna almost wholly pale brown, slender; segment II not much incrassate, with apical part as thick as segment I; segments III and IV comparatively long.
Antennae moderate in length; segment I greater than vertex width; segment II somewhat incrassate in [male], subequal in length to basal width of pronotum.
Legs slender, thickened basally but not incrassate, not threadlike distally; middle coxae farther from hind coxae than fore coxae.