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The partnership links OST's mission - to increase clarity and understanding to deepen communications and bridge global relationships - with Ultra Mobile's focus on the estimated 40 million foreign-born people living in the United States who call or text internationally to stay connected with family and friends.
Extensively illustrated with more than 200 examples, Arabic for Designers begins with the origin of English and Arabic languages, the relationship between classic Arabic writing and Islam and the need for different calligraphic typefaces to increase clarity and ease of reading and how these styles were adopted by newspapers, magazines and the advertising industry.
More guidance from government and police about where and how to report attacks would provide businesses with a clear path to follow in the event of a cyber-security breach and increase clarity around the response options available to victims, which would help minimise the occurrence of cyber crime.
Golding added, "While the changes to our loan-level certifications are intended to increase clarity among our lenders, they in no way weaken our ability to enforce FHA's standards against those who expose our insurance funds to unnecessary risk.
Increased use of co-operative compliance models may help increase clarity and consistency for taxpayers and more efficiently utilise resources in tax administrations.
Changes could include modifications of the VUI to increase clarity or make it easier to use, the addition of synonyms within the grammars to match actual caller word usage, or adjusting configurations within the IVR to enhance recognition success.
While lanosterol eye drops were also found to increase clarity of the lens in dogs with age-related cataracts.
An inline microphone is kept separate from the volume-control remote to increase clarity, reduce noise, and eliminate the need to hold the remote to one's mouth while speaking on the phone.
US Citizenship and Immigration Services will increase clarity around the adjudication of the L-1B .
And, boosters within their range usually increase clarity, reduce dropped calls, and increase battery life, so if you regularly run into calling problems in your fishing area, boosters may be worth the investment--assuming you don't need added range often enough to justify buying a satellite phone and the accompanying service.
The role of suppliers in the development of risk analysis will identify problem areas and the process of transition to a new typology of social services, identification of risk impact of the new typology for providers and users of social services, including assessing the possibility of achieving the above objectives and advantages (reduction of administrative burden on social services, increase clarity of the social services, the ability of social services due to a broader definition of social services more responsive to the problem situation emerging in the social sphere .
The CBRE report also notes that the potential FIRPTA changes could also increase clarity and transparency for investors by replacing the varying sets of tax regulations, exemptions and withholding requirements currently in place for foreign and domestic investors with a single, clearly defined tax scheme.