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While lanosterol eye drops were also found to increase clarity of the lens in dogs with age-related cataracts.
US Citizenship and Immigration Services will increase clarity around the adjudication of the L-1B .
Utilize Technology to Increase Clarity and Understanding: Since 51% of recruiters said hiring managers "should do a better job communicating what they are looking for in a candidate" and "provide relatable examples," video screening can also be useful in reducing ambiguity in desired characteristics.
0 increase clarity and insight to allow clients to meet project needs and overall organizational objectives.
And, boosters within their range usually increase clarity, reduce dropped calls, and increase battery life, so if you regularly run into calling problems in your fishing area, boosters may be worth the investment--assuming you don't need added range often enough to justify buying a satellite phone and the accompanying service.
The role of suppliers in the development of risk analysis will identify problem areas and the process of transition to a new typology of social services, identification of risk impact of the new typology for providers and users of social services, including assessing the possibility of achieving the above objectives and advantages (reduction of administrative burden on social services, increase clarity of the social services, the ability of social services due to a broader definition of social services more responsive to the problem situation emerging in the social sphere .
The CBRE report also notes that the potential FIRPTA changes could also increase clarity and transparency for investors by replacing the varying sets of tax regulations, exemptions and withholding requirements currently in place for foreign and domestic investors with a single, clearly defined tax scheme.
The Government can increase clarity for its austerity measures to encourage domestic business investment, but for the foreseeable future businesses will need to edge forward tentatively.
But we do need to increase clarity in the rules and increase clarity in procedures in order to avoid unilateral and uncoordinated decisions by member states," she said.
The material has also undergone changes to increase clarity, accuracy, and completeness.
This testimony addresses (1) federal leadership roles and responsibilities for preparing for and responding to a pandemic, (2) our assessment of the Strategy and Plan, and (3) opportunities to increase clarity of federal leadership roles and responsibilities and improve pandemic planning.
This is a step in the right direction to help increase clarity in the muddy links between politics and money and enhance transparency on how political funds are used.