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As the directives to increase the size of the picture remain ambiguous considering the previously given guidelines by the same ministry, it is important to note that a picture on a cigarette pack would not suffice or even partially serve the purpose.
CAMPAIGNERS are celebrating after controversial plans to build hundreds of homes and significantly increase the size of a Northumberland village were refused for a second time.
The Contracting Authority reserves the right to exercise the right option to increase the size of the delivery of Part 1 of the contract to the amount of 108.
The proposed measures will increase the size of the basic pension payments up to 10,450 tenge or by 12%, the average size of pensions - up to 46,661 tenge (including basic amount).
The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), convened after the AGM, approved the issuance of a convertible bond of up to a principal amount of $500 million and increase the size of three existing programs.
There are two ways to boost your sales: Increase your number of clients/sales or increase the size of each sale.
KU), has said that its board has approved a plan to increase the size of a potential bond issue and a sale of its securities unit, reports Dow Jones.
Saudi Arabia-based Islamic Development Bank has announced that it may increase the size of a bond, or sukuk, according to market conditions.
Asda has submitted a planning bid to North Tyneside Council to increase the size of its superstore on Whitley Road in Benton to increase its sales area by more than 20%, resulting in around 30 new jobs in addition to the current 500-strong workforce.
In a move that will take advantage of the equity and recognition of the Jolly Green Giant, The Sholl Group II, a pioneer in the fresh produce industry and marketer of select Green Giant Fresh produce, is changing the packaging to increase the size of the green celebrity on all of its branded fresh grocery produce products.
UEFA, the governing body of European soccer which organises the tournament, has been studying proposals to increase the size of the finals since early last year.
To increase the size of the work space, which would help increase class size comfortably, and introduce more productive and efficient ideas.