increased price

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Rawalpindi -- Naan bhais in certain areas of Rawalpindi have increased price of naan and roti by Rs2 each without getting prior approval from the local administrations price control committee.
com to fill the need in the industry for increased price transparency.
Sainsbury's claimed their increased price was still "great value".
Smaller chains who can't may fold in the face of increased price pressure from national players like Wal-Mart.
Until this supply of foreclosed buildings gets put back into the private sector it is unlikely that prices will increase, as supply is in equilibrium with demand at these increased price levels.
Increased competition will result in increased price erosion, already rife in the DTV market.
The increased price represents a premium of approximately 53% over the volume weighted-average trading price of Canico's common shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) for the 30 trading days immediately preceding the September 15, 2005 date of announcement of CVRD's intention to proceed with the Offer.
More recently, declining sales can be partially attributed to increased price sensitivity among consumers, and a growing interest in candle alternatives.
intends to supplement its Offer to Purchase and amend its tender offer statement on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission as soon as practicable to reflect the increased price and other relevant changes.
has saved or re-allocated approximately 500 man hours per week and increased price integrity since implementing the company's headquarters pricing solution.
The Company announced today that the management-led group had expressed its intention to make a tender offer at an increased price of $0.
Although they determined the collapse of Enron sharply increased price volatility, this impact was short-lived.

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