increased price

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ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Petroleum on Monday submitted before the Islamabad High Court that the government had increased price of petroleum products due to their hike in international market.
com to fill the need in the industry for increased price transparency.
The company added that the new increased price list will be effective as of 1 November 2013 at the latest, or as allowed by existing contracts.
Sainsbury's claimed their increased price was still "great value".
Power companies are saying that the increase is due to the increased price of oil, which has doubled within a couple of years.
Until this supply of foreclosed buildings gets put back into the private sector it is unlikely that prices will increase, as supply is in equilibrium with demand at these increased price levels.
Rawalpindi -- Naan bhais in certain areas of Rawalpindi have increased price of naan and roti by Rs2 each without getting prior approval from the local administrations price control committee.

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