increased value

See: premium
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Contract notice: Machines and casco insurance increased value in case of total loss ("div") and war risks for rv belgica and gdi tuimelaar.
Nationwide Life Insurance quickly recognized the increased value of the asset, and the experience and strength of the sponsorship.
With the expected acquisition of Thor, Cabo adds capacity, expertise and an entry into Western Ontario enabling us to provid increased value to our customers," said Cabo CEO John Versfelt in a news release statement.
In every business transaction both the buyer and seller seek increased value and lower transaction costs.
355-2(b)(2)'s corporate business purpose requirement, if the increased value serves a corporate business purpose of either of those corporations.
OFS is committed to providing customers increased value by offering products that deliver lowest cost per bit network solutions, protecting investments through future flexible solutions.
Advanced knowledge leading to increased value to your patients and practice
Boon, PhD, president and CEO of CARE, added, "Aging-services and other human-services providers that are currently accredited by CCAC and CARF will see increased value of their accreditations as a result of the merger.
The increased value is of no monetary benefit to the owner unless he sells it and buys a cheaper house.
We're starting to see more property sales than in the past, and those properties are selling at an increased value.
Closely allied to this increased value rule is the rule that an expenditure creating or enhancing a tangible asset with a useful life of more than one year must be capitalized.

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