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Voltage stability is one main difficult for many of the future power system and increases its importance by transition loading system increasement because in the most powerful systems (Kundur, 1994; Preethi and Muralidharan, 2011).
Also, hormonal changes contribute to this increasement Khansari, Murgo, Faith, 1990; Waern and Fossum, 1993; Akgun, 1994).
The continuous fluorescence acquisition (55-95 C with an increasement of 0.
They also argue that suffixes can be used not to change the word class of the base form but to emphasize the original class, to increase clarity, as in increasement, which is clearly a noun, whereas increase could be either a noun or a verb.
High spring floods in the Akmena-Dane river basin that were prevailing during earlier decades are observed rarely, but there is a tendency of discharge increasement during winter months.
There was an overall increase in the sexual behavior parameters for the treated groups, as reflected in the increasement of MF, IF and EFf and reduction in ML, ILand PEjI.
Waste leachate usage causes the soil organic matter increasement in both depth of 0-30cm and 30-60cm.
Besides, for a higher resolution, the necessary time for scanning was considerably greater, while the obtained CAD model quality increasement was not very significant.
In this sense, we tested the hypothesis that higher precompetitive somatic anxiety levels will provoke an increasement of sympathetic activity HRV values and a decreasement of the parasympathetic activity HRV values.
and cause of the generation, yet (no displeasure to men) the woman doth confer and contribute much more, what to the increasement of the child
Nevertheless, the overhead of the signature, verification and transmission will increase rapidly with the increasement of nodes.