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In addition to these already observed changes, human influences will continue to change atmospheric composition (including increasing C[O.
In late-inoculation experiments, five types of inoculant were investigated in terms of their effectiveness in increasing the nodule count and chill reduction.
Natural rubber continued to experience substitution in 1995 increasing from 1.
After increasing in the first quarter of 1992, receipts from foreign travelers in the United States leveled off before picking up in the fourth quarter.
The budget provided an increased level of funding for the divisions that support this function to meet an increasing work load, expand long-term research, and improve the quality of economic data.
Despite a tax treatment of automobile loans that was less favorable in 1989 than in 1983, with the increasing real cost of purchasing automobiles both the incidence and the median amount of car loans increased for most groups.
Obviously, the Reserve Banks have had to deal with greatly increasing work loads in the last several years as reflected in the record number of bank failures and problem banks as well as in the increasingly complex issues they have had to face in reviewing and processing regulatory applications and in developing supervisory policies to deal with new and changing banking risks.
Also, the number of supervised institutions is increasing in some Districts.