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But over the long term, particularly if new, clean fossil fuel technologies are not developed quickly, we will have to depend increasingly on solar, wind and biofuels, of which we are already the world's second-largest producer.
Increasingly, in-library workshops have now been complemented by and even supplanted by online training resources.
With an aging population governments will also be increasingly tempted to re-examine estate taxes and succession duties.
By this I mean that the creation of economic value has shifted increasingly toward conceptual values with decidedly less reliance on physical volumes.
They will be increasingly challenged by a variety of '4PLs' which design, implement and managing SPL solutions.
This has been a growing trend in recent years, as children become increasingly interested in video games and personal electronics such as digital music players and cellular phones.
The courts, and later the legislature, increasingly supported the mill owners, whose factories were the economic engine of New England.
According to Jon Simon, national director of KPMG's vacation ownership practice, "Wall Street and other sophisticated corporate entities are increasingly focused on the timeshare industry.
Optimizing utilization management will increasingly be recognized as a responsibility of all members of the health care team; QI processes that address utilization should be developed with consideration of best practice guidelines across the continuum of care.
The ongoing deregulation and liberalization of worldwide air transport markets confronts airport planners with an increasingly problematic context.
It explores the developments in meeting behavior at times in which courtiers as a ruling group were substituted for parliamentarians and when business entrepeneurs increasingly tended to become professional meeting holders.
Special-effects wizards have been using computers for some years to create increasingly realistic images of creatures, places and events that never existed in real life.

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