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BEIRUT: A Future Movement official Sunday expressed incredulity over suggestions that the accuracy of Lebanon's first official census of Palestinian refugees in the country was in question.
We know well his voice and sense of humor, with its signature incredulity ("what's the deal with [fill in the blank]), and its air of bemused exasperation with, well, everything.
I READ the Western Mail letter, from Mr G O'Sullivan (May 25) with some incredulity.
Anguish turns to incredulity as the cop uncovers his daughter's secret life as an activist and her involvement in the Northmoor research facility run by Jack Bennett (Danny Huston).
Should you have trouble getting to sleep tonight, put it on a loop and once you get over the incredulity, you'll be out like a light.
MORRISSEY has released his first novel after months of anticipation and social media has erupted in a storm of amusement and incredulity.
IT is impossible to read about the convicted paedophile who is being allowed to live with his wife's two young daughters with anything but incredulity.
Luckily, Granville thinks there may be a way to make money out of her incredulity.
I READ with total incredulity in your paper (September 30) about the forced closure of the cafe attached to the Blyth All Weather Life Boat Station.
The posh presenter, with the well-practised look of incredulity, says he would "like to go to bed at much the same time as most people".
My reaction to the hour I watched was incredulity coupled with laughter.
WITH Roy Hodgson appointed the new England manager, Harry Redknapp's friends in the national media are queuing up to register their incredulity.