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BEIRUT: A pen-and-ink sketch depicts a Vampire Walrus holding an umbrella, staring incredulously at the observer.
A student contradicted him by asking incredulously, "You mean He never resurrected?
federal government directly funded theatre productions of all sizes and types across the benighted land--and American theatremakers have been marveling incredulously at that remarkable period, and citing it aspirationally, ever since.
47 carat diamond, he queried incredulously if he was being asked about one diamond or several pieces of diamonds.
The proposal seems incredulously preposterous, but it is important to remember under Rajapakse rule, measures and developments hitherto considered incredulously preposterous, do tend to become transformed into banal realities.
The unfailingly cheerful Flintoff spluttered incredulously into his microphone.
One hopes the children involved never get to see a film of which Ms Lynch incredulously says: 'There is goodness and wholesomeness in it'.
ONCE again, incredulously, I read of yet another child mauled by an out-of-control dog.
Good thing they didn't fight--my partner was still standing there, frozen, with his revolver a hand's-breadth from his nose, staring incredulously at the muzzle.
And if we suggest this practice to our coworkers and they laugh incredulously, we need only remember: they are not laughing at us, they are merely ameliorating their self-regulation and optimism.
Yet, incredulously, not once is the school library ever mentioned as a resource for differentiating instruction, nor is the teacher-librarian ever mentioned as a cooperative planning and teaching partner.
Co-star Joe Mantegna asked, incredulously, ``Did you say there are no leeches in L.