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You noted the popularity of Complementary Medicine worldwide, and this does seem to cause a great deal of incredulousness among many colleagues.
6) Also of importance, in terms of this strand of analysis, are his lengthy quotes of the works of Charles Eastman, Luther Standing Bear, and Black Elk, which make reading the introductions to his chapters part comedy and part incredulousness.
To the Editor: Regarding Noah Manring's incredulousness over AL.
IT was with a profound sense of fury and incredulousness that.
There's almost an incredulousness on the part of many employers that a lot of medicine is practiced without any scientific basis at all," says Michael Bailit, president of Bailit Health Purchasing LLC.
Appearing in nearly every scene (including recurring ones using the now-tired direct-camera-address-to-unseen-shrink device), his eyebrows forever arched with dismay or incredulousness, he's terrifically engaging.
Reflecting on the significance of the episodes they described, teacher after teacher expressed to us irritation or incredulousness about parents' failure to understand their classroom practices.