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Increment 2 includes new equipment for all echelons: Tactical Communications Nodes replace JNNs and CPNs at the division, brigade, and battalion echelons, points of presence and Soldier network extensions extend connectivity to the company echelon and RHNs require hardware upgrades to interface with these new systems.
42 billion and the amount will be bloated to over NT$90 billion, after the completion of the capital increment and GDP plan.
The difficulties of redevelopment in downtown do not in themselves discredit tax increment financing.
If the relative increment of the steam pressure before the manoeuvring valve [[psi].
Local governments have the authority to designate tax increment financing districts lasting 20 years or more to pay back these bonds.
When the Cabela's opened earlier this year, I totally missed the fact that it was funded with a tax increment financing district.
Through planned spiral development, Increment II will step up this capability even further, adding the ability to hit moving target sets.
Accuracy and precision of increment counts is in part determined by the increment formation rate, which has been reviewed elsewhere (Campana and Neilson, 1985; Jones, 1986; Geffen, 1987), and by the type of otolith (asteriscus, sagitta, or lapillus) and the preparation technique used for aging.
While many are pleased with the potential development of these areas, there have also been questions raised regarding the use of tax increment financing.
Increased incentives will include revenue bond financing programs, mortgage breaks for homeowners and tax increment financing.