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Whether built by us or supplied through our partner ecosystem, our customers know that SOA infrastructure software from IONA enables them to deploy their SOA incrementally and in any IT environment.
New features provide additional functionality that delivers to customers the ultimate flexibility to chose how best to leverage existing IT assets, adopt their solutions incrementally, and manage and deploy their infrastructure.
Persistently high gas prices are also expected to incrementally reduce demand for GM's large vehicles, where GM is disproportionately exposed in terms of volumes and profitability, and where its new product introductions are concentrated.
Additional features for global server load balancing, SSL acceleration and upcoming enhancements from Coyote Point can be added incrementally to any Equalizer SI Series appliance.
The Equalizer SI Series provides datacenters with a highly adaptive and incrementally scalable way to standardize on these commodity server environments that are increasingly favored by e-commerce, government, education, finance, media and other online business operations.
VocalTec has a wealth of experience in supporting VoIP services, offering global and local service providers and carriers a cost-effective means to incrementally support tailored VoIP-based service offerings with near-term revenue potential.
Additional units can be incrementally added to meet the facility's growing cardiology archiving needs.
As business requirements change, the application can be modified incrementally at any stage to stay in sync with business needs.
The Company expects to continue these upward trends throughout the current year, increasing its sales incrementally as it increases the distribution of its Brands nationally and internationally.