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Graw said his questioning of past practices got him into trouble in September 1996, when he was asked at an MTA board subcommittee meeting whether there was a practice of incrementally increasing contract payments with numerous change orders, each under $100,000, but which, if put together, would require board approval.
It also uses expanders to incrementally expand in-box and near-box storage capabilities in systems requiring greater bandwidth connections, as additional expanders provide redundancy and also provide for addressing large numbers of devices.
As an alternative, a standard Window's interface may be used to automatically backup all the user's data, incrementally, in native file format.
Recognizing that "with every unit you get, the risk incrementally increases, therefore, the fewer the better," conference chairman Tibor J.
We maintain our Speculative Buy rating on InkSure, as we believe that the current valuation has become incrementally more attractive following the recent decline in the share price.
The release of IONA's Celtix Enterprise builds on the company's established strategy of offering Global 2000 customers a comprehensive set of distributed SOA infrastructure solutions that can be deployed incrementally to help companies streamline and modernize their IT systems while generating greater ROI and lowering the fixed cost of IT operations.
and Canada on November 3, 2006, stepping up incrementally in the ensuing weeks as word-of-mouth spreads by its highly influential core-audience.
The latest release of Artix and expanded partner relationship with AmberPoint deliver on IONA's stated strategy to offer a comprehensive set of distributed, standards-based SOA infrastructure components that can be deployed incrementally.
The Company plans to develop the Project by incrementally expanding the operation from artisanal levels of production through to a profitable production level while concurrently defining resources or reserves.
Its scalable architecture means the SatLink platform can grow incrementally, making it an ideal choice for both small and large networks.