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While an inflation-adjustment had been in place before, changes in how increases are calculated (including a larger increment rate of $1,000 and a clause allowing increments to be cumulative) now will permit maximum contribution limits to rise faster.
Increment 2, implemented in August 2011, introduced the Repository of Individuals of Special Concern (RISC), providing officers in the field with fingerprint matching responses in less than 20 seconds.
The regional staff deployed in various regions who will receive increments is 232 in number.
Unless there is a set rule regarding annual salary increment, I think most companies will never bother to do so.
Both increments will also possess a "colorless core" security enclave, enabling commanders to conduct mission command warfighting functions throughout their units without fear of the enemy intercepting sensitive information.
Although our data were more variable, because we did not select only clear otoliths, our measurement to the tenth increment was similar to that of McMichael and Peters (1989), indicating we were interpreting the central increments fairly accurately.
markets to move to decimal pricing, with penny increments.
2 million Providence, RI, special obligation tax increment refunding bonds series E and F.
LAHORE -- The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced an increment in the salaries of mostly lower cadre employees.
The WIN-T Increment 2 Production Qualification Test-Government, or PQT-G, was the major developmental test leading to the upcoming operational test and fielding, which is expected in FY 2013.
As might be expected, it is critical that each inventory item's base-year cost be determined as accurately as possible, to ensure that a pool's increments and decrements (which have a direct impact on the inventory's carrying value) are computed accurately.