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To charge with a crime; to expose to an accusation or a charge of crime; to involve oneself or another in a criminal prosecution or the danger thereof; as in the rule that a witness is not bound to give testimony that would tend to incriminate him or her.

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v. to make a statement in which one admits that he/she has committed a crime or gives information that another named person has committed a crime. Under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, a person cannot be forced to give any information which would tend to incriminate himself/herself. Thus, he/she can refuse to answer any question which he/she feels might be a self-accusation or lead to information which would be so.

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1 to bring into the possibility of a criminal charge.
2 in Scotland the word incrimination is used in a slightly different sense. Incrimination is a special defence, of which notice must be given, whereby the accused offers to show that another person committed the crime. See SELF-INCRIMINATION.
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"It may well be that I shall repeat that warning to you later, reminding you that you may refuse to answer a question if the answer tends to incriminate you."
"It is one thing to require a person to incriminate him or herself before an examiner with the benefit after objection of use immunity.
During the opening of the trail into the Lockerbie tragedy the court was told lawyers acting for Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrah (48) and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah (44) would produce evidence that would incriminate others for the world's worst-ever airline bombing.
He then filed an appeal, claiming (1) the information requested was irrelevant to the IRS's purported purpose; (2) the IRS's actual purpose was to compel him to improperly incriminate himself; and (3) the IRS's claim of using him as a witness was only to circumvent his Fourth Amendment privilege against unreasonable searches and seizures, his due process rights under the Fifth Amendment and the IRS's own regulations.
In a six-to-three decision written by Justice Potter Stewart, the Court held that federal agents violated Massiah's Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself, and his Sixth Amendment right to counsel.
Acknowledging his previous statements in the Senate and the House, Guban said: '[I] may have made statements which may be contrary to the foregoing statements, or statements which tend to incriminate me as a participant ...
Co-managers John Thomas Dobe and Christian Verdon Atkinson refused to give evidence at the inquest on the basis that their answers could incriminate them.
As neither Throckmorton nor Croftes were executed for their alleged offense, it has been argued that both prosecutions were attempts by Mary and her Privy Councillors to incriminate Elizabeth and her adherents of treason.
Starr subpoenaed Hubbell's financial records showing what he did with the proceeds of these deals, and Hubbell validly invoked the Fifth Amendment, claiming that the records might tend to incriminate him.
The Amendment not only protects the individual against being involuntarily called as a witness against himself in a criminal prosecution but also privileges him not to answer official questions put to him in any other proceeding, civil or criminal, formal or informal, where the answers might incriminate him in future criminal proceedings.(12)
* There were other failures as well: the Pollard case, in which key Israelis gave the Americans just enough material to incriminate Pollard, but it was wrapped in so many lies that the Americans quickly lost faith in the Israeli version," and the Iran-contra affair, in which Mossad was "shut out of the picture completely," casting Israel "in a vital [but] a supporting role." At one point, George Shultz had to remind Robert McFarlane that "Israel's agenda is not the same as ours, and an intelligence relationship with Israel concerning Iran might not be one upon which we could fully rely"-a warning that apparently fell on deaf ears.
Iyong binibigay niya na impormasyon ay iyong alam lang niya na hindi masyadong makakadiin sa kaniya, iyong makakadiin sa kanya pinipigilan niya (The information she is giving is only what she knows will not incriminate her.