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paratuberculosis (MAP), the causative agent of Johne disease in ruminants, has been incriminated as the cause of Crohn disease in humans.
65) The Court thus rejected a contextual analysis approach and explained that the question was not whether the confession incriminated Marsh but whether it was correct to assume that the jury did not use it against Marsh.
8] Having written Askew into its records as an incriminated woman, the state and ecclesiastic authorities then attempt to use her during her subsequent imprisonment and execution to speak for, and thus reinforce, the power and authority of Henry VIII's conservative government.
He cited taped statements by the victim's neighbors who said they heard the voices of a man and woman the night of the slaying that incriminated the victim's friends.
Matz said she was concerned that Karapatian had incriminated himself in testimony Monday and might continue to do so.
But in the interview he incriminated himself by telling police that he would drive Mr Davies around to deliver cannabis and would be given a PS20 bag of cannabis each day he did so, Mold Crown Court was told.
After the courts rejected hundreds of reports written by the police inspectors, the lawyers for the police officers incriminated in the reports filed suit for damages against the inspectors, demanding compensation.
Khartoum, April 25 (SUNA) - The Secretary General of the National Council for Child Welfare, Ustaza Gamar Habani, has described as brave decision the approval of the Children Act of Red Sea State by the Legislative Assembly in a view that it clearly incriminated the female circumcisionUstaza Gamar said in a statement to SUNA that the coming period necessitates exerting tremendous efforts by the Red Sea State in order to translate the law into reality by virtue of awareness campaigns and inflicting deterrent penalties on those who violate the law, especially the rate of female circumcision in Red Sea State is very highShe urged the other states to follow suit of the Red, Gedarif and South Kordofan States in incriminating this harmful habit through the legislative assemblies.
Presenting the report, the Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, former personal secretary to Pope John Paul II, said he believed it would be better if incriminated priests also resigned their posts and retired from public life.