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To charge with a crime; to expose to an accusation or a charge of crime; to involve oneself or another in a criminal prosecution or the danger thereof; as in the rule that a witness is not bound to give testimony that would tend to incriminate him or her.

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v. to make a statement in which one admits that he/she has committed a crime or gives information that another named person has committed a crime. Under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, a person cannot be forced to give any information which would tend to incriminate himself/herself. Thus, he/she can refuse to answer any question which he/she feels might be a self-accusation or lead to information which would be so.

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1 to bring into the possibility of a criminal charge.
2 in Scotland the word incrimination is used in a slightly different sense. Incrimination is a special defence, of which notice must be given, whereby the accused offers to show that another person committed the crime. See SELF-INCRIMINATION.
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Among the PSs incriminated by the PAC are Cooperatives PS Ali Ismail Noor, Petroleum Chief Administrative Secretary John Musonik and the Registrar of the Judiciary, Anne Amadi.
Presenting the report, the Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, former personal secretary to Pope John Paul II, said he believed it would be better if incriminated priests also resigned their posts and retired from public life.
The Academy study provides a list of vaccines that are incriminated today as using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses.
DNA from sweat and skin cells in it came from X - one of two people incriminated over the crimes.
An investigation was launched in which many were incriminated. Horrible rumours floated about which incriminated many including Louis' royal mistress, Madame de Montespan.
He should have been incriminated most directly in Carnesecchi's subsequent and hitherto unknown trial for breaking the secrecy of the Inquisition by trying to smuggle letters out of his cell in the Tot di Ripetta.
SINN Fein's Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have been incriminated in a Government report into the Castlereagh break-in, it was claimed yesterday.
paratuberculosis (MAP), the causative agent of Johne disease in ruminants, has been incriminated as the cause of Crohn disease in humans.
This also would include the practice of interrogating before the warnings are given (with a view toward having suspects make incriminating statements and then be given the warnings, which are likely to be waived because they already have incriminated themselves).
DDT was incriminated for thinning eggshells, but only when birds were also deprived of calcium.