incriminating statement

See: confession
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Furthermore, Arnold also wanted the court to disregard and exclude an incriminating statement and other related admissions that she killed the deceased person because he allegedly infected her with an unknown disease.
Specifically, the officer did not impinge on Bell's right by attempting to elicit an incriminating statement from him because the question was directed not at Bell but at his wife, the court said in its published 2-1 decision.
She said JIT head Wajid Zia admitted that none of the witnesses he had examined made any incriminating statement against her nor there was any other iota of evidence available with the JIT against her.
Libi, who also suffered from hepatitis C, told a federal court in Manhattan in October that he had been on hunger strike when questioned by FBI agents -- during which he made an incriminating statement.
Victim A, an employee at Mr Jones' former school, described him as a "big softy" and claimed police had pressured her to make an incriminating statement.
Victim A, an employee at Mr Jones' former school, described him as a "big softy" and claimed that police had pressured her to make an incriminating statement. Mr Jones spent nine days in a Cardiff jail before being sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for a year and 150 hours of community service at magistrates' court on May 14, 2012.
Supreme Court held that an incriminating statement may be deemed "compelled" when the penalties for the defendant's refusal to incriminate himself may be so severe that they are capable of coercing incriminating testimony.
United States, the Supreme Court determined that a non-testifying defendant's incriminating statement which implicates a co-defendant but is not in furtherance of a conspiracy is inadmissible at a joint trial for two reasons: first, it violates that co-defendant's Sixth Amendment right to confront the witnesses against him; and second, asking juries to use the statement as evidence against one defendant and disregard it for the other is asking them to perform an impossible task.
"She has made an incriminating statement in public by saying she was paid for sex in the US.
478, 491 (1964) (holding that the suspect's right to counsel had been violated where the interrogating officers obtained the suspect's incriminating statement by tricking him into believing that his alleged accomplice had incriminated him, and noting that counsel is particularly critical when "the police carry out a process of interrogations that lends itself to eliciting incriminating statements").
After the suspect made an incriminating statement, she was given the warnings, then made another incriminating statement.
Such non-answers, riddling answers, and sly revisions mock the urgency of her inquisitors' questions and frustrate their attempts to extract from her an incriminating statement. Askew records the officials' frustration during her second examination as the Bishop of Winchester (Stephen Gardiner) bids her "make a dyrect answere" (93) and accuses her of speaking in parables (94).