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From day one Incubus has been among the best at using the Internet to build relationships with their fans," said Mike Tierney, Sr.
That was then, when Incubus were riding high after hits like Drive, and with a back-stop of solid heavy material from Science currying them favour with nu-metal crowds.
With the Yas concert, Incubus too is marking a return.
This has added a much more mellow sound to Incubus and Boyd himself admits it's different to anything they've done before.
SOME INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES have dark secrets that continue the pain and suffering years later and into the next generation, dude, Gaeilgeoir Deireanach Charna, and Incubus, three Irish-language plays recently published, touch on this theme.
When my friend Kostantinos Balagouras from Greece sent me a link about the uncanny resemblance between parts of Cyprus' Eurovision Song Contest and a song by Incubus I had to sit up and listen carefully.
The diversity of what the school offers--that's what excites me most," says Tai Courtney, KSU junior and Incubus cast member.
I WOULD like to start by thanking the NEC for hosting the wonderfully talented Incubus on Monday evening.
The five-member rock group Incubus is enjoying the greatest success of its 16-year career.
Here is a labor force composed of recently rural folks living in a small midwestern city with few immigrants, black folks, lefties or iconoclasts; a place where the Klan thrived in the 20s; in other words the farthest one could imagine from a cosmopolitan incubus of progressive thought.
Officers running Operation Incubus monitored the internet then used credit card details to track users logging on to paedophile sites.
Hoobastank's post-grunge music sounded like Incubus thanks to frontman Robb Doug's deep bassy vocals and Markku Lappalainen's funky bass.