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Taking up captainship in team games inculcates leadership qualities.
Religious schools are the perfect places for Bible classes that inculcate religion.
Increasingly, experts in medical education say it is vital to inculcate professional values in doctors before they begin their careers.
A casino would 'undermine efforts to inculcate the practice of hard work and honesty among our people,' he said.
The subtitle of his book is "Dispatches from the Race War"; he sees the enemy as the government that condones profiling, politicians who use stereotypes to inculcate fear of the black man to win votes, feminists who are fighting the wrong fight, the media, the police, and just about every other organized segment of American society.
Murphy argues that "the attempt to inculcate civic values in our schools is at best ineffective and often undermines the intrinsic moral purpose of schooling.
What about those commonly used in many Christian day schools that inculcate disrespect for values and traditions outside Christian fundamentalism?
I believe the MLDA of 21 has been a significant factor in curbing alcohol abuse among young people, and view it as supporting and reinforcing the messages about alcohol abuse, which I am attempting to inculcate in my children.
Contributing to the problem, many sociologists of American religion believe that degree of religiosity is connected to domestic practice, and that Catholics score lower than evangelicals due to parental overreliance on religious schools and parishes to inculcate religion in their children.
Law and common sense requires schools to inculcate values.
You can start to inculcate in them some important investment knowledge," says Jonathan D.
Harlan, I am truly appreciative of your courageous way of standing up in the boat and telling us that we need to move beyond the minority group model and inculcate a more encompassing paradigmic conceptualization of disability and rehabilitation.