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How thankful, how thankful I ought to be"; (though I doubt whether that practice of piety inculcated upon us by our womankind in early youth, namely, to be thankful because we are better off than somebody else, be a very rational religious exercise) and then she began to think, as usual, how her son was the handsomest, the best, and the cleverest boy in the whole world.
Mr Verloc, who was no fool, had soon perceived the extraordinary character of the influence he had over Stevie, though he did not understand exactly its origin - the doctrine of his supreme wisdom and goodness inculcated by two anxious women.
The spokesman pointed out that the availability of test papers, guide books or khulasas have been hampering the creative and research skills of the students consequently affecting their wit and wisdom to be inculcated among them through the process of their studies.
This habit should be inculcated in children as well and they should not think that cleaning is menial job and everyone should contribute in keeping the Country clean.
President Islamic Medical Association (PIMA-Karachi), Dr Azeem Uddin expressing his concern over persistent killings of doctors in Karachi, said it has inculcated a sense of insecurity among the fraternity.
This inculcated in me the feeling of helping the poor and I made them my idols," said Singh.
Though I moved on in 1983 to start a career in the City of London, the disciplines, standards of excellence and analytical rigour inculcated into me at Timeform stood me in great stead for my future career, while the knowledge gleaned has made racing all the more enjoyable for me since (if not always profitable
At the time, public schools inculcated the shared concepts of American society, established behavioral expectations, and promoted interaction between disparate social and ethnic groups.
Novices are encouraged to examine their own lifelong learning quotient, initiate a dialog on the tenets of lifelong learning, and set a plan of action so that attitudes and skills associated with lifelong learning are furthered in themselves and inculcated in their students.
According to Hessler, these cycles of crisis and recovery inculcated in both the state and consumers habits that eventually developed into a Soviet "exchange culture," based on, among other things, bureaucratism, solicitude for urban consumers, especially Muscovites, a neglect of the rural market, and a tolerance among citizens for breaking the law in the interests of survival.
Bearing in mind the nature of those who are inculcated with the poison which turns them into monsters I am unsure how effective these new measures, however draconian, are likely to be.
There, the three, seasoned, older keepers inculcated him into the job, and into the art of living together in a small space, and into the art of telling stories gripping enough to keep each other awake on night shifts.