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To accuse; to involve in blame or guilt.

When an individual who has committed a crime imputes guilt upon another individual, he or she is thereby inculpating such individual.


verb accuse, arraign, blame, bring to jussice, charge, cite, criminate, impeach, implead, implicate, imply guilt, impute, incriminate, indict, institute proceeddngs, involve in blame, lodge a complaint, press charges, prosecute, recriminate
See also: accuse, arraign, betray, blame, charge, complain, condemn, confess, denigrate, denounce, deprecate, impeach, implicate, incriminate, indict, inform, involve, lodge, reproach

TO INCULPATE. To accuse one of a crime or misdemeanor.

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Chicago, and who inculpated Calvin's cousin, Larry Ollins, and
In cases in which the exoneree inculpated others, inconsistencies
cleared him and inculpated serial killer Eddie Lee Mosley (the DNA
99) In Bartolomeo, for instance, a defendant who had been convicted of a serious crime--homicide--obtained a vacatur of that conviction despite the fact that he had inculpated himself in the crime, after having been properly advised of his Miranda rights and after having freely and voluntarily agreed to speak with police in the absence of counsel.
55) Many, though by no means all, cases of perjury and false declarations involve witnesses who have wrongfully exculpated or inculpated.
In assessing the moral content of the obstruction-type offenses, we will undoubtedly want to consider the moral content of the underlying conduct being wrongfully exculpated or inculpated.
44) In a joint trial, the judge admitted into evidence Evans's confession that inculpated the defendant in the robbery.
The United States Supreme Court granted certiorari on November 9, 1998, to resolve whether the accused's Confrontation Clause rights were "violated by admitting into evidence at his trial a nontestifying accomplice's entire confession that contained some statements against the accomplice's penal interest and others that inculpated the accused.
62) In the statement at issue, the husband admitted to forging a signature on an income tax refund, but also inculpated the defendant (his wife) in the forgery.