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It) clearly contravenes the established principle that the Ombudsman, who may be removed from office only by impeachment, cannot be charged with disbarment during her incumbency,' he said.
Now evolving to a more comprehensive ISG Incumbency model where rather than providing incumbency for a specific line of business in an account, qualifying Commercial accounts will receive incumbency across all ISG lines of business including Server, Networking, Storage, Backup, Converged/Hyperconverged and Solutions.
2) Crain and Goff (1988) and Mixon and Upadhyaya (2002, 2003) indicated that the era of televised legislative sessions has been accompanied by greater (lower) incumbency (legislative turnover).
Republican People's Party leader Deniz Baykal said the discussions over president's incumbency was futile.
Incidentally, all the three states are controlled by the ruling Congress or the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and the challenge is to demonstrate that incumbency can be a virtue and that it need not necessarily go against the establishment.
The party's local government spokesman, Peter Black, said: "The idea that scarce public resources should be used to reinforce incumbency and provide individual propaganda on the taxpayer is unacceptable.
TUNIS, Sept 12, 2009 (TAP) -- The wage rise of 22 public enterprises' employees in the oil and chemical product sector, incumbency of several contract employees and integration of subcontractors are the main gains announced, on Friday in the closing ceremony of the 7th round of social negotiations in this sector, for the 2008-2010 period.
lt;p>Cisco is looking to transform data centers by developing its own blade servers that integrate networking, compute power and virtualization, and that utilize the company's networking incumbency.
Green no longer can rely on an incumbency that Handy has alchemized into a liability.
I would argue that it's incumbency, in any elected office in which the public knows the candidate, that is a greater indicator of winning or losing an election.