incumbent upon

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Because of the issues raised against the vaccine, Aquino said he felt that it was incumbent upon him to try to 'allay fears' and put the issue in the right perspective.
The provincial minister said it is incumbent upon the excise officers to protect the young generation from the poison of narcotics.
Air quality is improving, and has been for decades, explains Chris MacRae, Head of Policy for Scotland at FTA, which represents more than 16,000 logistics businesses across the UK, and while it is obviously incumbent upon all of us to protect our environment, to assume that air quality is in decline is simply not true.
What are the responsibilities incumbent upon every reader of this publication to ensure the life and the growth of the humanist attitude?
It is incumbent upon me to ensure that the views of Wales and people here are given full consideration".
Collective responsibility is incumbent upon us all as Christians and Muslims in facing up to the Takfeerist threat, Fayyad warned.
It's incumbent upon us to sell and market," said Bob Lepisto, president of SeaDream Yacht Club.
Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to create a conducive environment where the people can live their lives according to the teachings of Islam.
Using Social Data Trends to Predict Election Outcomes Social Data Week - Mandarin Oriental New York As social data becomes more readily available, it's incumbent upon end users and researchers to invest heavily in understanding the utility of that data.
The President said that it was incumbent upon all parties in the conflict in Syria to ensure that the sanctity of holy shrines and places of worship was maintained and these were not desecrated.
Kambosos may be both competent and capable to perform her job, but it was incumbent upon her to obtain the necessary certifications, and incumbent upon the school administration to ensure she had done so.
The miners' story is one of hardship, danger, loyalty and courage and it is incumbent upon mature members of society to inspire those who follow by ensuring a race apart is never forgotten.