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6) Manuscripts and incunabula form a much smaller proportion of the library of approximately 14,000 books Grey handed over to Auckland in 1887, and to which he continued to add after he retired to London in 1894.
Of around eighty-five editions by the first Cologne printer, Ulrich Zel, only two have colophons with these details; Paul Needham, "Ulrich Zel's Early Quartos Revisited," in Incunabula on the Move: The Production, Circulation and Collection of Early Printed Books, ed.
While it is true that this essay is hardly Jacobean in its focus--McLeod turns from Aldine incunabula to Estienne's Biblia Hebraica before engaging volumes by John Donne and Joshua Sylvester on his way to post-handpress printing--this essay achieves its own interrogation of textual practices.
Books published before 1501, called incunabula ("swaddling clothes" in Latin, indicating their arrival during the "infancy of the art of printing"), tell a lot about the cultural history of their countries of origin.
The result of these collations and researches, then, is that Zimmerman puts greater faith in readings in Class I manuscripts, [phi], and also the incunabula, which she has convincingly demonstrated may preserve genuine readings.
In the end, in her book, Stoppino achieves at least two results: she underscores some of Orlando Furioso's lesser known sources, and she does so through the direct study of manuscripts and incunabula currently available only in a small number of libraries whose distance renders consultation outside the reach of many scholars.
5 million pages of manuscripts and ancient books from the Vatican Library and the Bodleian Libraries in three subject areas: Greek manuscripts, incunabula and Hebrew manuscripts.
Posiblemente haya sido Cornelius Beughem el primero en nombrarlos asi, en 1688, en su Incunabula typographic.
The results of her practice of resistance are incunabula of feminist art--works such as Tapp und Tastkino (Tap and Touch Cinema), 1968, Am der Mappe der Himdigkeit (From the Portfolio of Doggedness), 1968, and Body Sign Action, 1970.
There are 69 incunabula - books that were printed in the first 50 years after the invention of the press in 1450 - 680 books from the 16th century, 6,250 from the 17th and approximately 12,500 from the 18th.
This central article is framed by two further contributions dealing with the very early stages of music printing in German-speaking areas: Mary Kay Duggan writes mostly on liturgical and paraliturgical incunabula, including psalters and broadsides, while Gundela Bobeth explores the role of the Melopoiae in the dissemination--both written and printed--of humanistic ode compositions.
Furthermore, the Semmelweis Medical History Library has treasures that medical librarians and scholars elsewhere know too little about: The "Collection of Rarities" comprises more than one thousand volumes, among them incunabula and extremely rare manuscripts in Latin and German, numerous sixteenth-century books, and--beyond medicine and pharmacy--rare books in general history, history of science, natural science, anthropology, and so on.