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Commenting on this archive and the curiosity of its consignment to an institution, the Church, which was traditionally opposed to the theater (though the association of the ephemeral text with incunabula is consistent with the development outlined by Jensen), Jane Moody notes that "[w]hat was ubiquitous is now singular; what circulated freely around the urban spaces of the city has become a forlorn document encased in an antiseptic plastic wrapper.
Zimmerman 2011, "Age and Merit: The importance of recentiores and incunabula for the text of Apuleius' Metamorphoses," Segno e testo 9, 131-63; the quotation is on p.
There are 69 incunabula - books that were printed in the first 50 years after the invention of the press in 1450 - 680 books from the 16th century, 6,250 from the 17th and approximately 12,500 from the 18th.
This central article is framed by two further contributions dealing with the very early stages of music printing in German-speaking areas: Mary Kay Duggan writes mostly on liturgical and paraliturgical incunabula, including psalters and broadsides, while Gundela Bobeth explores the role of the Melopoiae in the dissemination--both written and printed--of humanistic ode compositions.
The collections of the Strahov Library administered by the Czech Museum of Music contain as many as 200,000 books, old prints, incunabula and manuscripts.
The bibliography is testimony to the plethora of sources consulted, and also manifests some of the problems encountered when incunabula are catalogued as manuscripts, rather than printed matter.
Knygos, isleistos pradzioje didziojo isradimo, buvo vadinamos incunabula (SM 1934).
The Arcana Collection: Exceptional Illuminated Manuscripts and Incunabula Part I is an amazing private collection which has been assembled over the past three decades.
The Arcana Collection: Exceptional Illuminated Manuscripts And Incunabula will go on sale in July by Christie's, who described it as the most valuable of its kind ever to be offered to bidders.
The Arcana Collection: Exceptional Illuminated Manuscripts And Incunabula, which has a total estimate of pounds 11m to pounds 16m, will be sold in July.
By comparing the folio numbers that Hubmaier provides with those of reprinted incunabula and early modern printed editions of Tertullian's works, it is clear that the edition he used was Beatus Rhenanus's Opera.
Christian, including three incunabula, books printed before 1501.