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It is my intention to retain as much as possible of the original text of the incunabulum, making only those changes that facilitate the reading.
This collection--its own form of technology--brings together examples of some of the best of the early work of the Second Incunabulum.
This incunabulum was until recently thought to be the oldest complete book in our collections (that honour now lies with a Chinese text printed around 1162).
13 In scholarly terms, an incunabulum is any what from before the year 1501AD?
A consolatory treatise written in Latin and translated into French and English, the antecedent of the Boke is a French incunabulum entitled Le Livret des Consolacions Contre Toutes Tribulacions, printed by Guy Marchant in Paris c.
Now he has brought together two texts, one Catalan and one Castilian, of the version known as Version II, based respectively on a fifteenth-century manuscript and an incunabulum of 1491-4 (Version III is a later and in some ways less interesting case: a study of its Castilian witnesses is promised (pp.
Instead he asks the question: "What was the work process involved in producing an illustrated incunabulum in a large printing house?
A monk illuminates the margins of an incunabulum of the twelfth century with superb artistry.
Moreover, as an unexpected bonus, we find black-and-white photographs of two more sources: first, the recently discovered fly-leaf of Trent, Biblioteca dei Padri Francescani, Incunabulum 60 (see Marco Gozzi, "Un nuovo frammento trentino di polifonia del primo Quattrocento," Studi musicali 21 [1992]: 237-51); and second, folios 1r and 1v of the fragment Padua, Biblioteca Universitaria, Mss.