incur expense

See: spend
References in classic literature ?
There were some who accused him of lukewarmness in his adopted religion, and others who put it down to greed of wealth and reluctance to incur expense.
And it is well worthwhile, I venture to think, for the Minister who is responsible to run some risks of broken heads or broken windows, to incur expense and an amount of inconvenience in the police arrangements, and to accept direct responsibility in order that the shedding of British blood by British soldiers may be averted, as, thank God, it has been successfully averted in South Wales.
Although this work may sometimes incur expense, we are careful to ensure value for money and we monitor spend closely.
The image of disabled people confined to wheelchairs adds to the problem, with employers becoming concerned that if they do take on someone with a disability their business will incur expense and inconvenience.
Most other companies utilize a reimbursement-type product model that requires customers to incur expense and provide documentation before receiving a benefit.
This exception deals with taxpayers that pay or incur expenses under a "reimbursement or other expense allowance arrangement.
IESCO will have to incur expenses to the tune of Rs over 13 million every month on supply of petrol to the employees to whom the motorcycles will be delivered.
Besides, COAI wants the government to incur expenses for installing the system.
He said the famous museums and fairs in the world request the Saudi exhibition and incur expenses to have an in-depth look at its history.
The filings also say the unit had reduced its workforce and divested some products, filings say, but BNA Subsidiaries "continues to experience financial losses and continues to incur expenses that are beyond its ability to self-fund and that negatively affected its financial performance.
However, the council did incur expenses for ongoing legal fees - a total of pounds 133,512.
Financial Services Net was controlled by the Panesar family and the purchase will incur expenses of about pounds 600,000 for Moneysupermarket this year.