incur loss

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International Resource News-15 December 2009-Zirax to incur loss in H2(C)2009 ENPublishing -
He said the DA is ready to 'immediately' release crop insurance payments to farmers who will incur losses due to the weather phenomenon.
The increase in the environmental estimate reflects the fact that the industry continues to incur losses of approximately $750 million per year, while paying out $760 million.
A peasant farmer, Malam Aliyu Hamman, who said he spent about N30,000, stated that 'We rushed to plant crops to avoid a repeat of what happened last year, when the rain stopped abruptly without crops maturing, making us to incur losses.
Global Banking News-March 20, 2015--Banks could incur losses on loans to energy companies
He is also accused of damaging Deyaar's interests by making it incur losses of more than Dh21.5 million through private bargain deals he had done with contracting companies.
Kyrgyzstan plans to export 780 million kWh of electricity to Kazakhstan in2 010, said Energy Minister Osmonbek Artykbaev during press conference today.Kazakhstan has made advance payment in 2009 for 530 million kWh and asks to supply additional 250 million kWh.According to the Energy Minister, power is produced in the country enough to meet domestic needs and to export it to the Central Asian countries.Export of electricity to the neighboring countries will allow to cut financial losses of energy companies, which incur losses with reinstatement of previous electricity tariffs for the population.
BNP Paribas Securities allegedly placed massive buy orders for Softbank shares at an unreasonably high price just before the trading close on a certain day to prevent Softbank shares from being traded at a lower price that would have forced the company to incur losses, the sources said.
The carrier said it expects to incur losses in the current quarter as well.
Under this formula, a typical 25-member, accredited force should incur losses of about $7,850 per year; the figure for a 25-member, nonaccredited force should be about $13,575 per year.
Although Dart was profitable for all years before the court, HL began to incur losses due to depreciation expenses.
Taxpayers most likely to make a closing-of-the-books election are those that are profitable through the change date and incur losses subsequent to that date.