incur the risk

See: bet
References in classic literature ?
She told me that her anguish had at last spurred Linton to incur the risk of liberating her.
She had just concluded that it was better to remain in her chair than incur the risk of fainting in the passage, when he entered, preceded by Charles.
In the name of Him, who commandeth all, I implore you to pause--both you, who so madly incur the risk, and you, who so rashly offer to take that which you never can return
In the past, when oral appliance sleep therapy was considered, the sleep physician did not want to incur the risk of the considerable expense of a customized oral appliance with questionable patient reimbursement, only to find out it did not work.
One can, she says, go into a trance while leafleting and thus incur the risk of being run over.
They really don't want to lend the money, because they don't want to incur the risk.
In IPA-model plans, attempts to exclude a physician may subject the HMO to antitrust actions, but failing to expel a physician can incur the risk of tort and breach of contract claims.
The members recognized that the short-run behavior of these monetary measures needed to be interpreted with caution and that easing reserve conditions too much would incur the risk of stimulating a sharp rebound in monetary growth and in inflationary pressures once the economic recovery had gathered some momentum.
Any delay in the forensic preservation of targeted data can incur the risk of overwritten or corrupted information, raising the specter of fines, sanctions, or lost litigation.
Health care staff wash their hands at least 30 times per day and thereby incur the risk of dry and irritated skin conditions from current formulations and active ingredients.
In fact, the Express Scripts' "offer" requires Caremark shareholders to walk away from the CVS transaction and to incur the risk of being left alone at the altar as a damaged company having lost significant clients and missed the entire 2007 selling season.
Manufacturers whose products employ technologies covered by Faroudja patents incur the risk of patent infringement unless they apply for a license.