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It was so painful to see this laziness and incurable stupidity, and I so much disliked the sight of the tile-works, that I never came this way if I could help it.
The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well-nigh incurable form of disease.
They will minister to better natures, giving health both of soul and of body; but those who are diseased in their bodies they will leave to die, and the corrupt and incurable souls they will put an end to themselves.
To the incurable shall one not seek to be a physician: thus teacheth Zarathustra:--so shall ye pass away!
My father's care and attentions were indefatigable, but he did not know the origin of my sufferings and sought erroneous methods to remedy the incurable ill.
suffering from nothing, in my opinion, but incurable laziness, inherited from her mother) announced that she meant to remain in bed for the day.
In that characteristic attitude, pathetic in his grotesque and incurable obesity which he had to drag like a galley slave's bullet to the end of his days, the Assistant Commissioner of Police beheld the ticket-of-leave apostle filling a privileged arm-chair within the screen.
The residence in the centre of the habitable globe, at all times stuffed and close as if it had an incurable cold in its head, was that evening particularly stifling.
She was sinking under a painful and incurable disease, and wished to recover him before she died.
Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer & Life in Christ comes from a theologian who was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer before he was forty, and who began struggling with the typical questions about God's presence and intention in the face of life-threatening disaster.
NNA - Public Health minister, Wael Abou Faour, pressed on Saturday charges against a person known as "Al-Sudani" who claims that he cures from incurable sicknesses.