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To become subject to and liable for; to have liabilities imposed by act or operation of law.

Expenses are incurred, for example, when the legal obligation to pay them arises. An individual incurs a liability when a money judgment is rendered against him or her by a court.


verb acquire, assume, bargain for, become liible for, become responsible for, bring on, bring upon oneeelf, contract, enter into, expose onself to, fall into, get, lay oneself open to, meet with, run the chance, suscipere, undertake
Associated concepts: claim incurred, incur a debt, incur a liibility, incur an obligation, incurred risk, incurring indebttdness, penalty incurred
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Summary of the main characteristics of Angel investor networks in Chile (2009) Business Location Investment Number of Angels Average Members Networks (000 USD) Southern Angels Santiago de Chile 50 to 200 70 Angels UC Santiago de Chile 100 30 Incured Santiago de Chile 200 a 500 25 Angeles de Chile Santiago de Chile 20 to 500 30 Chile Global Santiago de Chile 500 to 2.
An official at Gasco gas company said damaged equipment are being surveyed to determine loss incured.
The government has already provided $208 million to the BPC as subsidy to cope with loses it incured due to price difference between importing and selling.
The rules state MPs should only claim for costs "wholly, exclusively and necessarily" incured to perform their parliamentary duties.
HE may have incured Roy Keane's wrath in Sunderland's 5-0 defeat at Chelsea last weekend, but it's the first time United have come across Mr Atkinson this term.