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We believe that ignorance and incuriosity equate with being a good juror and apparently, we have come to believe they also qualify one to be a good jurist or justice.
Where apologists for the Bush administration seek to sow complacent incuriosity, Moore at least challenges his audience to think critically about what our government is doing in our name, purportedly for our protection.
This is like reporting a plane crash without mentioning the type of plane, an extraordinary level of incuriosity, helping to protect that company's stock price, but not helping anybody understand what went wrong or what other computer systems are likewise vulnerable.
Here one learns about "the incuriosity that is brought about by time"; the multifarious tricks time plays on memory, not least the contrast "between the mutability of people and the fixity of memory"; the search for those things that are extratemporal, for, as Proust writes, in a characteristic sentence:
In the introduction to the report, Shays, chairman of the Government Reform subcommittee on Human Resources, said the investigations by the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs were ``irreparably flawed'' and had been ``plagued by arrogant incuriosity and a pervasive myopia that sees a lack of evidence as proof.
tv Editor Nick Gillespie interviews the legal scholar Richard Epstein on the dangerous intellectual incuriosity of his former colleague Barack Obama.
My last and greatest concern is Clinton's administrative incuriosity.
This incuriosity is the product of a lifetime of relentless self-promotion, of hotel rooms and broadcast booths and hired time at the National Press Club, fighting the good fight.
The most annoying trait of Right-Wing Outlaws in general is a lazy incuriosity about the real world.
Nowhere is this historical incuriosity more evident than in McCain's public discussion of the conflict that concerns him most: Vietnam.