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How long we might have remained in this ridiculous position it is impossible to say, but for the incursion of three thriving farmers - led on by the waiter, I think - who came into the coffee-room unbuttoning their great-coats and rubbing their hands, and before whom, as they charged at the fire, we were obliged to give way.
They made a vast kite, which they caused to be flown over the centre spot of the incursion.
remember for years the incursion of the strange horde in the year of
He had noted during the brief incursion he had made into the forest that a short distance up-stream from his tree there was a much-used watering place, where, from the trampled mud of either bank, it was evident beasts of all sorts and in great numbers came to drink.
The first conspicuous excursion and incursion of the Rockefellers was into the railway field.
Willet, after the incursion of the rioters into his bar at Chigwell.
The Eastern outskirts of the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip are exposed every now and then to Israeli incursions and bombardment.
I will not speculate on the motives but this does not look like an accident… and we have two of them," Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference, referring to the incursions and noting their duration.
President Abbas warned that the settlers' flagrant incursions in Al-Aqsa Mosque would fuel tensions and escalate the situation in the holy city.
In addition, the A-SMGCS will feature Safety Logic runway incursion detection and alerting algorithms to provide controllers with advanced warnings of potential runway incursions.
GAZA, Nov 5 (KUNA) -- A number of Israeli tanks and bulldozers made incursions in the early hours into east of Al-Qararah town, south of Khan Yonis, after carrying out sweeping operations of Palestinian farms.
The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) Runway Incursion Mitigation (RIM) Analysis and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update is intended to enhance airfield safety and improve operational efficiency by reducing the potential for runway incursions and address changes to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standards through analysis of airfield facilities and associated operational procedures.