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(145) There is no legal basis for calling it unfair, or incursive, or something that "hamstrings" the defence.
Second, such an effort would aid in the development of international norms of behavior for low-level incursive activities in cyberspace, with the intended result of making coordinated condemnation of and action against broader CWMEs easier to achieve.
The incursive and hyper-incursive equations provide us with models of meaning-processing at the individual and supra-individual levels.
Some aspects of the most incursive apartheid legislation was adopted in the 50s.
Would his more intelligent listeners have preferred to "engage in hostilities with incursive combatants in multiple locations"?
Risa Sodi examines "three key literary devices" in Levi's writing: "the use of apologies and disclaimers; the incorporation of the languages of the Holocaust into Italian; and the emergence of an incursive present tense (what Lawrence Langer calls `durational time')" (37).
In his strategy Johnson demonstrates how removal of content markers leaves the coordinates of a mediating structure that in some senses stands alone, formally and ideologically, as an incursive frame.
Moreover, regardless of whether the agency is risk incursive or risk aversive, its ability to shape policy outputs is a function of, among other things, the discretion and autonomy awarded to it by its principals.
Few tries have been scored against them as the result of incursive running.
The women have, for a decade now, resisted these incursive corporal attacks in practice and protested their socio-political consequences in pamphlet and poetry.
These plots can resolve jammer groups, can distinguish incursive jammers from the SOJ background and can form a separate track for each jammer.
Theory of incursive synchronization and application to the anticipation of a chaotic epidemic.