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Si consideramos, en sintesis, la sintomatica frase del tratado: <<Sed a curiosis tantum, quos uaria nosse delectat, quibus praecipue, quantuscumque hic labor noster et indagatio, desudaui, mercedem exspecto: ea est ut patriam hanc nostram colant, ament et admirentur>>, podemos observar que la introduccion focaliza sobre todo la primera parte, subordinando u obscureciendo la segunda.
Intellectual indagatio is therefore to be followed by elocutio -- what is to be signified must achieve lucid signification.
But they do take as their object the Topographia, a defined text which is open to analysis and which yields thematic monstrosities that Gerald himself in the Retractationes later recognizes not to correspond to empirically-defensible phenomena, not therefore to be informed by an inquisita veritas gained through indagatio, through genuine dialectical research and observation.
The truth is here entirely exquisita, in willful disregard of that truth sought within, of the inquisita veritas achieved by indagatio.