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System navigation--understanding and accessing the various features in Indagator
Finally, participants were asked whether they would be willing to use Indagator to share content if the application were made available to them.
As Indagator blends both content sharing and gaming features, we contend that their respective perceived usability will affect an individual's motivation to use the application.
In general, responses were favorable, with mean values above three, suggesting agreement with the six usability aspects covered in the questionnaire as well as the intention to use Indagator question.
Indagator organises its various features in a tabbed format that includes items such as Welcome (home page where status information is found), Annotation management (browsing and creating annotations), Gaming (game management and access to various game features), Settings (player's Indagator settings) and Help (information on using Indagator).
Indagator also scored relatively well in the map navigation category (Aspect 2).
This was to be expected as this was the first release of Indagator, and for many participants, this was also their first time using an application that blends content sharing and gameplay.
First, the idea of gaining aurum was a motivating factor, since it rewards players for their efforts in progressing through the Indagator environment [13].
The rationale was that doing so would encourage a greater sense of ownership to Indagator and therefore serve as an incentive for sustained play.
Even participants who did not like encounters felt that Indagator had the potential to appeal to both gamers and nongamers.
As Indagator relies on a community of users for gameplay and content generation, the issue of socializing was a recurrent topic that emerged during the study.
The value of multiplayer support was highlighted by Participant 32, who explained the rationale for such encounters by reflecting on her experience with Facebook: "I think that the success of Indagator will be based on the number of registered members and how many of them I know.