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It's bad enough having an annoying little creature who wails indecipherably ruin your life once.
indecipherably cryptic even with respect to such critical matters as the
The story of this reversal perhaps began in January 2004, when the spiritual leader of the Shiites, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, announced his opposition to an indecipherably complex American plan to hold eighteen regional caucuses, which would then choose a national assembly.
Sometimes "RRyman" looks organic and spontaneous, the letters growing wildly, almost indecipherably, while in other instances it seems to have been made by some sort of writing machine.
Jacksonianism, he says, "remains the most widespread political philosophy among the American population at large." Because of that, "the dynamics of American foreign policy remain indecipherably opaque without an understanding of this vital force." The Jacksonians are rough-hewn and provincial in their outlook.
Academic practices are challenging HHS's investigations and penalties on the grounds that they are being held responsible for violating billing regulations that did not exist or were indecipherably vague at the time the services occurred.
The doctor sat bolt upright and impassive, making notes as indecipherably as if he were writing out a prescription.
That's why it hovers over the shoulder of a Mallarm[acute{e}] as much as it sweeps up through the legs of a Neruda, why it storms Thomas Hardy's elegies (Poems of 1912-1913) and slips almost indecipherably into Stevie Smith's comical, deathward-inclined lyrics (part Ogden Nash, part John Donne), why it empowers the lived unintelligibilities of Eliot's first version of The Waste Land ("I had no thought death had undone so many") as well as the irrational cabalistic splendors of Vallejo's Trilce ("Verily, I say unto you that life is in the mirror, and that you are the original, death").
The oppressive "atmosphere of self-censorship--should I write indecipherably so that nobody could read over my shoulder?" (as she later remembered asking herself)--compelled Valenzuela to find a new place of residence.