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"Ambivalence," or indecision on the Vice President's performance, as well as his trustworthiness, became more manifested not only at the national level (both at +8 percentage points) but also among the masa or Class D (both at +11 percentage points).
However, Carwyn Jones' Labour government has issued 400 consultations in just three years, which is symptomatic of indecision and dithering in the face of Wales' problems."
The transcript released of communications with the ferry gives details about crippling confusion and indecision, with a crew member questioning whether an evacuation was the right move as the ship began listing dangerously.
( According to the spoilers of "The Indecision Amalgamation" leaked online , Sheldon is unable to decide whether he should buy XBOX 1 or PS4, as he believes he did not pick a good video game system in the past.
A total of 1,956 UK adults were asked about holidays they had planned in the last three years and whether diey had actually been on them On average, one in diree planned trips never took place, While die money situation and time off work were the biggest causes of holiday plans going awry, anodier major reason was indecision about destinations.
The Blues have offered 22-year-old Cuthbert (right), who was on a pounds 5,000-a-year development contract just last season, a substantial new deal, but are growing frustrated with his indecision.
"The military fighting inside [Syria] can be matched only with political indecision abroad.
I was recently offered a job in Dubai and have been crippled by indecision ever since as I've been trying to work out whether I should take it or not.
Five subscales on the CDDQ measure some aspect of information regarding career indecision. By including these five subscales, the authors acknowledged the importance of accessing and using available information in the career decision-making process.
Paralysed by indecision As someone who saw the tragic events unfold at first hand at Newbury I cannot agree with the comments in Sunday's paper about the racecourse executives.
In a telephone interview with CNN International, the foreign minister mentioned that "indecision and confusion" at the White House at times delayed the talks.
Radical indecision; Barthes, Blanchot, Derrida, and the future of criticism.