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With the round top of an inkstand and two broken bits of sealing-wax he is silently and slowly working out whatever train of indecision is in his mind.
This train of indecision must surely be worked out now or never.
I never can make up my mind about anything myself -- I'm always afflicted with indecision. Just as soon as I decide to do something I feel in my bones that another course would be the correct one.
But Polly's education had been neglected, and after a good deal of natural indecision she did what most women do in such cases, thought she would "wait and see."
Palmer, whose eye was caught by every thing pretty, expensive, or new; who was wild to buy all, could determine on none, and dawdled away her time in rapture and indecision.
Having settled that I must go to the Blue Boar, my mind was much disturbed by indecision whether or not to take the Avenger.