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However India's 2007 World T20 and 2011 World Cup hero did admit that at times he felt indecisive about carrying on.
class="MsoNormalStill feeling indecisive? Then consider talking to a counsellor to help you make sense of your doubts.
In the end, Hardman's incisive, detailed, and engaging biography reminds people that Louis was intelligent, a man of much integrity, who, though uncharismatic and indecisive, believed he was the protector of the French people who ultimately rejected him.
10% students remained indecisive. Here is the chart no 2, showing results which are briefly discussed under the chart.
The company said each bar will feature a hunger symptom on the outside of the packaging--Espresso equals Irritable, Fiery equals Wimpy, and Salty & Sweet equals Indecisive.
Fandango hopes that this will make it easier for indecisive friends to jointly plan a night at the movies.
"Really it should have been over at half-time, but we were indecisive individually and collectively.
That largely holds true for his prose too, A fascinating, funny portrait of an avoidant, indecisive control freak who's been hooked since age seven on the power of rock'n'roll, it is essential reading for fans.
Billy Prior mentions that the Scottish King Charles II was not an ideal commander in chief, and indecisive at key times.
While Vice President Jejomar Binay was all out in attacking an alleged lazy and indecisive government, MalacaAaAaAeA~ang still refused to brand Bin a "bad guy" and even has no complaints about his past work in the Aquino Cabinet.
According to him, the critical situation in Iraq is the result of the West's indecisive actions in Syria over the past three years.