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In point do you stop learn but They simply didn't have enough bullets to fire and looked rusty, hesitant and indecisive
How much longer will this improbably indecisive situation last?
The Vice President recently took a dig at the Aquino government, saying his opposition party will not be a group of people who are lazy and indecisive in resolving the nation's woes.
European markets stabilized after diving the day before on Italy's indecisive election result.
The longer you are indecisive, the more chance you have of hurting everyone.
It looks like the "posh boys," are indecisive, incompetent, poor judges of character and for all their expensive education, don't even understand the meaning of the word independent.
OVER two thirds of new mothers felt more indecisive since having a baby, often not sure when to take their child to see a doctor or even what to dress them in, according to research.
or indecisive voting AN-NAHAR: President receives ministers' positions to settle "false witnesses" file Will March 8 take cabinet today to crisis?
The widely-expected decision came as European leaders agreed to prop up the euro and prevent Greece's sovereign debt crisis from spreading - while talks over a possible coalition continue following last week's indecisive UK General Election.
Indecisive and jealous Mark says he wants Faye, not Natasha.
USDJPY - Short-term forecasts for the US Dollar/Japanese Yen currency pair remain bearish, but indecisive price action limits our conviction on USDJPY positions.
Byline: The Arab world reacted to Israel's indecisive election on Wednesday with renewed pessimism for Middle East peace.