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Global stocks traded indecisively on Tuesday, as investors waited for a US Federal Reserve policy meeting for clues about when the central bank will begin reducing its monetary stimulus.
Matters become worse when the administration, pained to take sides and uncertain of historical accounts, acts indecisively and gives in to pressure from communal and political organizations.
The response of the international community has been weak and ineffective, even as everyone leaps to condemn the horrific lost of life," said Secretary General of Amnesty International Salil Shetty, who went on to say that those governments that act indecisively risk losing credibility.
McGovern, be concludes, acted "impulsively, indecisively, and carelessly" (105).
India, March 7 -- The meeting of an empowered group of ministers (EGoM) on spectrum to discuss the base price of airwaves for the third round of spectrum sale, slated to be held this month, ended indecisively.
Although the boundary between the two regions is indecisively distinguished, it depends on the dominant wavelength ([lambda]) emitted by the source and near-field region is generally defined as within a quarter wavelength.
Between outfits she hung out in her underwear and bra, sorting indecisively through her clothes and slinking around the room [stealing glimpses of herself in the mirror as she passed it).
The lead was to last only nine minutes though as a Scott Feltham cross was indecisively punched by Martyrs' goalkeeper Joe Perry to Steve Fitzpatrick who volleyed home.
208) 'Since 1948', they write, 'Lemass had been prepared to ruminate rather indecisively in public on the possible role of foreign capital in the Irish economy.
Equity markets continue to trade very indecisively, as investors refrain from making directional bets.
Further, the test-statistics on the over identifying assumptions, though somewhat indecisively, do suggest that the instruments, when US$-denominated, are no longer valid (column (10)).
Sligo struggled to gain a foothold and Alan Kirby should have done better from 12 yards out, striking indecisively at Rogers.