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It was not clear that they had understood the important truth that Clinton was telling them by lying--that he could not endure any mention of his indecisiveness.
Factors related to indecisiveness and career indecision in undecided college students.
The unfortunate and potentially disastrous result is that Japanese harmonization and indecisiveness will lead the country to continue to lose influence and even relevance in Asia.
Over the last six quarters, our Sentiment Index of commercial real estate executives has reflected the flat growth trajectory of the overall economy, and has clearly shown how a prolonged period of policy indecisiveness impedes a break-out in economic growth," said Real Estate Roundtable President and CEO Jeffrey DeBoer.
The episode features the indecisiveness of some characters, which will drive them as well as others crazy.
KARACHI -- At least two former chairmen of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) believe that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif - who is also the patron-in-chief of PCB - shares the blame for Pakistan'costly indecisiveness on the'Big Three' issue.
Sources said this indecisiveness is leading to intense lobbying by senior IPS officers to grab top posts.
The Government's indecisiveness on this issue puts the future of many thousands of community pubs at risk.
Mike Benner, chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) said: "The Government's indecisiveness on this issue puts the future of many thousands of community pubs at risk.
He also stressed that government would have to get out of its traditional indecisiveness and take some very serious efforts to ensure lasting peace, law and order and harmony in country.
THE Cypriot state that was created in 1960 has run its course and what is needed now is a new model for a new era that will eliminate indecisiveness, petty politics, ambition, and bad decisions, President Nicos Anastasiades, said on Monday.
Turkey, one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's fiercest critics, has advocated military intervention in Syria and grown frustrated over what it sees as Western indecisiveness.