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It has squabbled publicly, indecorously and inconclusively over its spending plans and priorities.
While walking in a narrow lane, the three sisters are frightened by the fast approach of a horse-driven cart; Miss Olivia alone has the presence of mind to help them scramble indecorously up the steep bank and over the fence into their father's park, Julia screaming in terror all the while.
I find it interesting how Merry Report seems to imply that until the report is true, there might be nothing wrong with its indecorously merry delivery.
While the Irish author is known for creating strong women, this recent work instead offers three women behaving indecorously over an unworthy man and, despite no end of overreaching literary references and florid speeches, it fails to disguise the heart of an overripe melodrama.
Johnny Garcia is indecorously dressed by the urban professional standards that Martinezz upholds in his restaurant.
Because of this strategy, one occasionally finds Samuel Beckett lurking in a seventeenth-century poem, or a weary fili or bard residing indecorously in Oscar Wilde's denunciation of a "pusillanimous aristocracy no longer committed to a defence [sic] of artistic standards" (327).
Eli Lilly head Sidney Taurel, who recently drew fire from liberals on Capitol Hill for pushing for drug-industry liability exemptions from his perch atop the Homeland Security Advisory Council, indecorously encapsulated the industry's attitude in his public testimony last year.
Militating on behalf of Gorky's portraits of the '30s, Alloway indecorously raises the question of the artist's influence on painting at the time of the exhibition, chalking up Gorky's significance for the living to the fact that he was "the first painter of the 'New York School' to die.
Later and indecorously Boucher celebrated her achievement (and his) by borrowing her features in pictures of Venus and her attendant nymphs in the King's bedroom at her Chateau de Bellevue (Wallace Collection), and for the Madonna (Musee de Lyon) in the chapel there.
He gives Herod the silent treatment even when the king indecorously shouts at him in a nonsensical mixture of words in different languages and engages his two sons to do likewise.
69); 'looking as nonchalant as her skirts were indecorously hiked up' (p.
His precipitate exit (he "quickly" bids her goodbye) pinpoints his anxiety: the ethical "fall" that occurred earlier in the "dark discreet room" may indecorously repeat itself as event in the broad daylight of the public park.